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1st Broga Class: What to Expect

By July 1, 2011December 12th, 2011Classes, Featured

We’ve had a few people asking us what they should expect at their first Broga class. I thought I’d address this question in a quick post.

For those unfamiliar with yoga or group fitness classes, the idea of working out with a group of strangers can be intimidating. But honestly, it’s only awkward in your head. Once you get in the room, on the mat, the music starts playing, and the Broga moves start flowin’, you’ll be fine. Broga is all about making your yoga experience comfortable. It’s our specialty.

Here’s a few bits on what you can expect when you jump in to your first class…

What to expect:
-The class will be in a medium-sized room with open floors and plenty of space.
-When you arrive, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver and a sign-in sheet (so we can keep track of your classes and add you to the newsletter if you want some newsletter action).
-As you know, Broga is designed specifically for men, but women often attend and many women have become broga regulars.

What to bring:
-mats are available, but bring your own if you have one
-wear comfortable clothes that you’d work out in
-wear light clothes – you’ll probably work up a sweat
-wear a headband if you’re into that kind of thing (Adam is)

Before the class starts:
-let the instructor know if you have any injuries, limitations, or health concerns

When the class starts:
-listen and have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call or submit a note on the contact us page.


  • chip says:

    hey bro,
    i noticed your broga on wbur’s website. i am very interested in giving it a shot. i’ve always been physically fit & flexible.

    my concern is that i am disabled due to a 30 foot fall 4 years ago. i landed on my feet and consequently destroyed my ankles. i am able to walk, most of the time without a limp. i have end-stage arthritis due to having zero cartilage. i will be heading out to chicago, quite possibly within the year to have the first of 2 complete ankle replacements unless i am able to find another way to bring more flexibility into joints & my feet.
    i should say that i walk 3-6 miles, 5 times per week.
    obviously, having basically less than 10 degrees of range of motion in my ankles, i will not be able to perform some of the exercises in their entirety, but i was wondering if i need a note from my ortho doctor before trying you out. i don’t want to waste a trip out to somerville to find out i can’t participate.
    thanks a lot for your time.


    chip mchugh

    • Robert says:


      I’m so glad you heard about Broga on NPR! Broga is definitely something that can be very helpful in your healing. Sorry to hear about the fall, sounds like it’s been quite the road to recovery.

      Given the situation, it would be best to get permission from the your orthopedic doctor in advance of your first class. The class in Somerville is an “open level” class with many levels of experience and abilities. I do my best to teach in a way that helps everyone to have a good experience.

      The condition of your ankles with limited range of motion will come into play for sure with most poses and movements. But that is a good thing as long as you know how to modify and know where your edges are. I can offer a lot of different modifications as well. If done in an appropriate way, Broga can and will help increase your range of motion. A lot of the poses will strengthen the weakened muscles around the ankle, foot and leg, which will be instrumental in your recovery as well. Sounds like you have a pretty good sense of what to do and you know your limits, so bring that attitude and knowledge into Broga and you will be fine!

      See you soon.

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