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  Broga Classes Headed to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

When you think of The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, visions of luxurious treatments usually come to mind. Well now, the spa is offering an unexpected fitness option for men: Broga, aka, “Yoga for Bros.” Broga was founded in Massachusetts by Robert Sidoti, who lives in Martha’s Vineyard, and Adam O’Neill, who lives in Winthrop. The classes were developed to make yoga more appealing, accessible, and beneficial for men.

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‘Broga’ Caters to Guys Wary of Yoga

TODAY Health | By Cari Nierenberg

Tired of hearing a wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or female friend sing the praises of yoga, some guys will eventually man up and tag along to a class. Once there, in many studios, he might be one of few downward facing dudes.

Being the only man surrounded by a room of limber ladies in tight-fitting yoga pants might sound like paradise. But it gets rough when the gal on the next mat can touch her nose to her knees and the guy can barely bend over to reach his toes.


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March 30, 2012 at 3:33 PM| Somerville, MA | By Chris Orchard