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Broga® Yoga with…YOU!

Becoming a Licensed Broga® Instructor enables you to own your own business, or add to your existing business, and to teach Broga® branded classes. Supplement your income, or earn a living doing what you love: sharing Broga® with men (and women) in your community!

You will have access to our logo, marketing materials, and business tools with the confidence of a globally-recognized brand behind your work. To ensure your success, you will also receive continued support from Team Broga.

Licensing process (to be able to teach official “Broga® Yoga” classes):
To become a Licensed Broga® Yoga instructor and teach classes you call Broga® Yoga, you’ll need to:
1) Complete the Live or Online Course with passing score on all quizzes.
2) Submit videos for review (per requirements outlined in the online training course) and earn a passing score on each.
3) Provide proof of:

  • at least one NASM, ACE, AFAA, NSCA, ACSM, Yoga Alliance, or comparable certification,
  • current AED & CPR certificate,
  • instructor liability insurance

6) Pay $10/mo Licensing Fee which includes:

  • access to the Broga Resources Online (BRO) portal
  • comprehensive marketing advice
  • customizable marketing collateral
  • vast library of tutorial videos
  • continuing education courses
  • new sequences
  • recommended music playlists
  • discounts on all other live and online Broga courses, workshops, and retreats
  • access to a variety of partner deals
  • listing on the Broga® Yoga class website instructor directory
  • and much more…

7) Complete 3 continuing ed credits annually. Continuing ed is meant to keep you engaged and help you continuing to hone your craft as an instructor. Some of the continuing ed options are free and online, some are in-person and discounted for licensees. You’ll have access to the complete details in the online course.

License Agreement: You’ll be able to review the license agreement in the actual online course, but in essence, the agreement establishes that we’re giving you permission to use the Broga® Yoga trademark and you’re agreeing to adhere to the Broga brand standards

Termination: Once licensed, your license will remain valid until 45 days from your most recent payment of $10. In other words, if you wish to terminate your license, you can do so by simply stopping automatic billing.