No more classes by Broga at Somerville Armory


With a combination of sadness, fond memories, deep gratitude, tremendous respect for our community of students, and great excitement about the future of Broga, Broga no longer offers classes at the Somerville Armory (though some instructors may independently offer them at certain times).

For a variety of reasons that are explained below, we’ve made the difficult decision that closing the door on this era will enable Broga to cross the threshold into the next.

This was not an easy decision for us, but it ultimately boiled down to these realities:

  1. Our core business is, and has been, the training and ongoing support of Broga instructors. Locally, the Armory has provided a meaningful launchpad for trainings, developing new instructors and programs, and building a community of dedicated students. But, we’re happy to report, our core business is expanding via exciting partnerships with Crunch Fitness (200+ locations worldwide), Gold’s Gym (500+ locations worldwide), and others. We’ve also recently established a cross-promotional marketing partnership with Reebok, which is focused on spurring further growth in our training programs nationally and globally. There are currently Broga classes running all over the US, with more coming online every month. We need to be fully focused on the larger Broga mission at hand.
  2. There are now a number of excellent Broga classes being offered weekly in the Boston area so we’re able to confidently encourage you all to explore other options. This hasn’t always been the case.

Memberships, class passes, Groupons, etc. will NO LONGER BE VALID at this location or any other location offering Broga® Yoga classes. To honor your commitment of time and money, we’ve negotiated a couple of great deals for our Somerville Armory students to join the Broga communities at two locations that already offer classes – Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (BKBS) and Commonwealth Sports Club (CSC). When you try them out, beg them both for more Broga classes.

BKBS – Special Exclusive Offer Details

  • Your FREE 2-Week Trial Membership (>$50 value) begins August 1
    • August 1-15, enjoy unlimited access to BKBS to climb, take classes (especially Broga on Wed at 7:15pm), and get a feel for the space
  • August 15 – September 15 BKBS is waiving the activation fee ($100 value) when you sign up for a monthly membership ($109/mo)
  • PLUS: If 20 or more Broga members take advantage of this offer, BKBS will reduce everyone’s monthly membership cost to $99 (will apply retroactively)
  • After September 15, the activation fee will no longer be waived but the $99 discount membership will still be available

CSC – Special Exclusive Offer Details

  • CSC will offer free a FREE 2-week trial membership (>$40 value) to Somerville Armory Broga students beginning on your first visit
  • CSC will waive the activation fee ($49 value) for those who become members at $89/mo (w/ 3-mo minimum)
  • PLUS: if more than 5 Broga students take advantage, CSC will reduce the monthly membership to $79/mo
  • CSC will run a kickoff event “Broga Night” on Monday, August 4

To really show our appreciation for all you’ve done for us and to let you know we won’t forget about you, we also want to offer you discounts that will be good for the next year until July 31, 2015. Just contact us at for details on how to get these.

  • 20% off Broga workshops
  • 10% off Broga retreats*
  • 50% off Broga Instructor Training (BIT) courses
  • BIT referral code – refer someone to a BIT, they get $25 off, and you get a $25 check

*Some restrictions apply to certain locations


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