Broga® 30-DAY CHALLENGE #realfit


Challenge Summary

30 days. 30 videos. 7-12min each.
Some high-intensity, some Broga-flow.
No cost to join. No process to sign up.
Get out what you put in.
Share (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) your experiences with hashtag #realfit.

Challenge Details

Every morning, through the month of May, we’ll be posting a 7-12 min high-intensity (but safe, fun, and accessible for all) Broga® Yoga workout video to the Broga Facebook page.

Most will feature Broga Creator & Co-Founder Robert Sidoti, but we’ll also have a number of exciting guests. Some will be more functional fitness and cardio-focused, some will be more yoga, and some – in true Broga fashion – will be a blend or functional fitness and yoga. You’ll be able to complete all of them in a small space at your home or office and none of them will require any equipment (except a yoga mat in most cases).

There is no process or cost to join. Simply complete the workout, share it with friends and write “done” (or something more personal and interesting) in the comments on Facebook, or Tweet about it, or Instagram yourself doing it. #realfit

At the end of the month we’ll be giving out a few prizes for “most consistent”, “most enthusiastic”, “most shares”, “most comments” and any other categories that seem worthy. Post pics (FB, Twitter, Instagram, whatever) of yourself and/or friends/family/neighbors doing 30-day challenge workouts. We’ll put the top entries to a vote on FB. The winner will get a brand new custom Broga mat from our friends/partners at Kharma Khare and a Broga T-shirt (>$10 retail value)! #realfit

In the lead up to the Challenge, we offered daily “Tune-up Tips” to help get your body (and mind) prepared. Go back and check those out.

This isn’t a competition as much as it’s an opportunity for you to challenge yourself. In the words of Arthur Ashe, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Have fun with it and see what changes you can make with short workouts over the course of a month!