Broga® Yoga 30-day Challenge


We’re keeping a good thing going…

The May Challenge was a huge success this year, with nearly 1,000 participants from around the world.

So in July, we decided to do it again… and that was a huge success too, with even more participants.

So, we’ve decided to keep it going – indefinitely.

It’s totally FREE. All you’ve got to do is sign up and we’ll email you to a 8-12min workout every day for 30 days.

This program is ideal for the yoga newbie, but a fun and effective refresher for any seasoned yogi.

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Arthur Ashe Broga

Throughout the month, you’ll work through a series of classic, simple, accessible Broga-flows, while diving into quick breakdowns of different poses. In some workouts, you’ll begin to layer in more of the strength and cardio elements that make Broga classes so awesome. By the end of the month, you’ll be working through strong, fun, challenging, Broga-flow workouts with an understanding of what works best for you and how to integrate these movements into your life.


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FYI – Broga classes combine yoga, functional training, and intense cardio, but because these are short videos, each workout will generally focus on one of those three elements. In other words, some will be mostly yoga, some will be mostly cardio or strength-focused.

The video quality is scrappy (no cinematography awards here), but content is fun, challenging, and gets you moving!

WARNING: Some of these exercises are are easy and some are hard. DO NOT hurt yourself. Make sure you get your doctor’s approval before engaging in any physical exercise, including these Broga workout videos.