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Somerville, MA, United States, Massachusetts, USA 02143
(781) 248-3931

David stumbled upon yoga at a company gym in 2005. He noticed how he felt better both physically and mentally after just a few classes, immediately drawn to how yoga helped balance work/life stress. He was hooked, and his practice deepened as he continued his exploration on the various styles during his years in NYC.

He moved back to the Boston area, and jumped right into a 200hr certification with two very inspiring teachers, Claire and Gregor. He completed his certification in August 2013, and soon after, found Broga® Yoga in Fall 2013, where he was amazed by the intense energy of the class and how the welcoming environment for guys, and is now a proud member of the Broga® Yoga instructor team. He loves sharing his experience and knowledge with others and in creating the welcoming space for all.

When he is not on the mat practicing or teaching, he analyzes large complex systems, doing what he can to make them more reliable. David holds a M.S in System Engineering from JHU, and currently lives in Somerville, MA.

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