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Looking for a Broga class near you? Check out the map below. If there’s no Broga in your area, you can access classes online anytime, anywhere through our partnership with YFM. 



If you don’t find a local class and would like one, please tell us where you are, so we can work on getting a class going in your neighborhood a.s.a.p.

Interested in hosting a Broga® Instructor Training course or know someone who might be? Please let us know.

Have you ever considered teaching yoga yourself? Do you already teach group fitness or yoga classes, but would like to expand your offerings to reach a new market? Then our 30-day Online Instructor Training might be perfect for you! 

If you’re a licensed Broga Instructor, please make sure your listing is up and accurate. Click “submit new listing” and login. 

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Colorado, USA
Rob Barber enrolled in massage school with the drive and desire to help enhance the lives of others. Rob incorporates many different techniques into his practice to provide individualized treatments to his clients that meet their needs and help with the healing process, including providing stretches that clients can do [...]
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