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yogaPDT – Yoga and Broga® with Matthew Spencer

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425 S Main St, Pendleton, OR, United States, Oregon, USA
Class Times:

Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 (down stairs)

Available for Private Lessons?: yes

I struggled my entire life to find some form of exercise or fitness that is both within my reach, and enjoyable. Nearly everything I tried came with a trainer who could not comprehend the difference belittling and badgering and motivation. Everything had a starting point that was just out of reach, and expected results and improvement immediately and constantly. Consequently, I did nothing, and eventually reached 450 pounds.

To say yoga has changed my life is like saying water is wet. Yoga is the exact opposite of the traditional "fitness" mentality.

The entire point of yoga is to be present, and accepting of the moment. The journey is practice. The practice is process. None of it is easy, and it takes time to get the right mind set and to get beyond frustration. Yet, yoga is the thing that's enabled me to move past my point of lethargy, and start a journey. In the first year after finding yoga, I dropped around 120 pounds. I made huge gains in strength, stamina, and flexibility. Not to mention all the other increases in health.

Some where along the line it occurred to me that I need to take what I've learned, and make it available to people that are in the boat I used to be in. I started working on my 200 hour RYT training in Hatha. Two weeks after completing that certification, I became a licensed Broga® Yoga instructor. These two forms of yoga fit in my desire to make health and exercise accessible to anyone. Flexibility is not required, it's about functional fitness. It's about starting, practicing, and being. With in the process of the practice, change comes.

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