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Live Broga® Yoga Instructor Training Course

Broga® Yoga has created a one-of-a-kind, hands on learning experience, one that has been tried, tested, and refined to ensure optimal learning and success beyond the training weekend. Our Live Instructor Training Course is backed by our Online Instructor Course, ongoing support from Team Broga® and our growing community of Broga® Yoga Instructors worldwide.

In our 2-day Live format you will learn Broga® Yoga is more than just another yoga-fitness trend. Our program is rooted in the belief that millions of men (and women) can live happier, healthier, more fulfilling, injury-free, self-aware, and quite possibly longer lives if they incorporate yoga into their current health and wellness regime.  You will learn how our Core Goals, Values, and Principles combine to create a positive experience for students and success for our instructors.

Upcoming Courses

Jan 19-20, 2019

Broga® Yoga Instructor Training

Woburn, MA

What to Expect: 

Pre-training preparation instructions and more detailed schedules are sent to all registrants about 7 days before training begins. All pre-training materials and requirements will be available in the training portal. Attendance at both days of training is required for course completion.

Pre-training (~8 hrs)

  • Register for training portal
  • Read manual and other materials
  • Complete online modules and quizzes
  • Watch prep videos and study sequence
  • Liability Waiver
  • Intake Form

In-person training (~14 hrs over 2 days – usually 9am-6pm daily)

The in-person portion of your Broga training is designed to accomplish four objectives:

  1. Prepare you to effectively teach fun, challenging, and safe Broga classes.
  2. Enable you to complete the entire certification/Licensing process on site and walk out proudly rocking your new Broga T-shirt.
  3. Provide you with transferable insights, perspectives, and skills that you can apply to any other group fitness, yoga, or personal training programs that you lead.
  4. Introduce you to your fellow students and trainers so we can keep building this amazingly passionate and supportive community.


  • Optional, but highly recommended: Sign up for the Broga Resources Online portal. This option makes keeping your Broga® Yoga License easier, less-expensive, and provides you with significant ongoing value, including: tutorial videos, new sequences, multiple music playlists, pre-designed but customizable marketing collateral, additional money-making opportunities, access to exciting partner discounts, and a lot more.
  • Video submission: Depending on your ability demonstrated in the training course, you may be asked to submit a video of yourself teaching a live Broga class for review prior to receiving your certificate.