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Limited publicity and exposure is by far the most hindering problem small businesses face, especially those like Broga that have an innovative, superior product to offer its customers. The hardest part is getting men and women to attend a Broga class once, but as the testimonials show, once people start, they get hooked and continue coming back. The key to overcoming this problem is marketing. It is one of the most important aspects of managing and operating a business, and it is where most of your business expenditures should go towards. There are so many different ways to market a business that it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed. In this section, we are going to lay out some guidelines as well as describe several basic techniques you can utilize to market your individual Broga practice. You’re responsible for advertising on a local level while the company will take care of any national media coverage opportunities.

First, it’s important to remember what you’re trying to achieve by marketing: to convert people into customers. I know this seems incredibly unhelpful to state, but amongst all the creativity and thought that goes into creating a marketing strategy, it’s sometimes easy to lose track of the end game. Secondly, remember who your audience is. The goal of your marketing strategy should be to get your business the widest exposure to your target demographic market. Our target market consists of men and women who are invested in their health and fitness. Thirdly, when determining what sort of marketing is appropriate, tailor your message to the audience keeping in mind your own style and what sort of advertising works and doesn’t work for you. Marketing, like yoga, is somewhat of an art, so stay true to yourself and your personality. And lastly, while maintaining your own flair, always make sure to preserve the Broga brand standards when doing any sort of advertising. Through this amalgamation of individual marketing styles, a certain character must be maintained to create some sort of consistency among the many Broga practices around the world.

As a company, we have decided to rely extensively on an “Inbound Marketing” strategy, which is a relatively new marketing methodology that has been seen to show great results. We still will use an older form of marketing called “Outbound Marketing” which involves using traditional forms of advertising, such as buying tv advertisement space, cold calling, and sending out blast emails, but not to the same degree. They are so names because Outbound Marketing involves reaching out to find new customers while Inbound Marketing involves letting customers come to you. Inbound Marketing uses the growing array of technology, from search engines to blogs to social media, to pinpoint potential leads and convert them into regular customers. It is a relatively simple process that involves four steps:

  1. Attracting traffic- we look to create brand awareness among our target demographic audience by continually posting relevant “content” to our blog and social media sites that will naturally attract these potential customer’s interests.
  2. Converting traffic to leads- ideally from these visitors of our website, we are looking for contact information. We have established designated places on the Broga Yoga website where interested visitors can leave their name and email address. We then send out additional information about Broga to these leads.
  3. Converting leads to customers- this involves following up on these leads via email or by some other means to convince this interested visitor that they are ready to be a customer.
  4. Establishing customer loyalty- once a customer has been established, we look to gain their loyalty. This involves meeting their needs by continuing to provide the “remarkable” content that interested them in the first place.

(Follow this link from Hubspot and this link from Wordstream for more information on Inbound Marketing)


Your Role in the Process:

There are two forums through which our marketing campaign will take place: online and offline. In the following sections, we go into much more detail about how to implement both marketing methodologies successfully, and give you a comprehensive and coherent strategy to follow utilizing both of these platforms.

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