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Instructor Profile

Create Broga® Yoga Instructor Profile

Your bio will be used on the Broga® Yoga Instructors page to promote you and your classes. It will help us help you! Make it as tight as you can but don’t worry if it isn’t absolutely perfect. It can be tweaked later.
To create/edit your profile, please login to the Training Portal. Then go to your account admin page. Then click on the “Profile” link in the left sidebar. Then click on “Your Directory Entry” in the left sidebar, and fill out everything that you want to be public (everyone who visits the website), private (only visible to Broga Instructors), or unlisted (only visible to the Broga Team).
Please add “Licensed Broga Instructor” as the ‘title’, your country and state as the ‘category’ (check boxes in the right sidebar), and your headshot as the ‘logo.’
Here is some guidance for your bio. Follow this general format (but feel free to put in whatever order feels most natural to you and don’t worry if some sections are longer or shorter than what you see below):

  • 2-5 sentences – share your life experiences that led to your interest in health, fitness, healthy living, yoga, etc. Be as specific or broad as you want to be, but just be honest and keep it simple.
  • 1-2 sentences – describe what drew you to Broga® Yoga and what you’ll do with it
  • 1-2 sentences – write out any certifications, licenses, registrations, and/or degrees that you’d like to share
  • 1-2 sentences – besides being a health/wellness/Broga instructor, what else is important to you? Maybe mention your family, or your pets, or traveling, or your passion for singing karaoke…

If you already have an instructor bio, feel free to copy and paste it there, but please do add some of the elements described above – especially those related to Broga – before submitting.