There are several ways to make some additional money beyond the revenue you are making from your current Broga classes. First, you can add value to your current products and charge a higher price. We recommend that when first starting out, you charge just below the yoga market price in your area for your Broga classes so that you can give yourself a competitive advantage in the marketplace. But after a few months of supplanting yourself in the market, you can begin to diversify your products by adding value to your current lineup. For example, you could include health tips with your Broga classes so that your students can not just take Broga classes but “live” a Broga lifestyle. If the demand is there, you could offer specialized classes say for athletes only or for college students only. You could begin to market your practice to new, “different” customers that wouldn’t ordinarily think to practice yoga. You could also offer private, one-on-one classes for people who are interested in a more specialized and individual experience. These personal training sessions would be priced well above the rate of a class session. Each of these suggestions involve adding value to your current “product line” allowing you to charge different rates and make more of a profit. Feel free to really get creative in finding ways to increase the value of your product. In addition to adding value to your practice, you could partner with a gym and teach other fitness classes beyond your Broga classes. This will allow you to not only make more money from these classes, but it will give you an already fitness-interested audience to market your Broga practice to. You could also work with a local school to provide classes for their students or even freelance write for a local newspaper, writing articles about yoga/Broga. There are hundreds of a ways to add value to your Broga practice and make some extra money on the side. Obviously, the internet can be a very useful resource to find ways to make money. We have also included an article about 50 Ways to Save Money in your business because saving money is another way to make money!

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