Before we get into the specifics of how to run a successful Broga practice, we’d like to start by giving a comprehensive overview of how Broga will operate. Like all organizations, our team will work best when members have defined roles. In this section, our aim is lay out the general idea behind our business strategy to give you a better perspective on your role in the process.

As stated in the teacher’s manual, the men’s yoga market is rapidly growing. According to a 2012 IBIS market report, yoga is one of the fastest growing health and fitness industries in the U.S, with around $10.3 billion being spent by consumers on classes and products per year. Even more significant is that about 23 million men want to or intend on trying yoga for the first time in the next 12 months. The present market clearly isn’t meeting consumer demand or expectations. This is where we come in. As yoga gurus and entrepreneurs, we look at this growing interest in yoga as an extraordinary opportunity.

In order to be successful as a company, we must grab as much of this market as possible and create what are called barriers to entry for others looking to capitalize on the same expanding market that we are. Because of the competitive market structure of the fitness industry as well as the low startup costs involved in participating, we must create artificial barriers to entry. The easiest and most effective way of creating these barriers is by expanding rapidly and by being the first to reach as many of these men (and women) as possible. By developing a superior brand and thereby creating customer loyalty, we are thus making our name synonymous with the idea of “yoga for men” and deterring other companies from attempting to enter the market.

But Broga is not only trying to tap into this growing market but also trying to develop a new culture among men. The most successful companies are those that not only create a great product, but that create a new culture. Look at Facebook or Twitter, these aren’t just companies with great, innovative products, but they are companies that have essentially changed the fabric of our society and the way we live our lives. Our goal is to do the same thing but in terms of the way people, especially men, think about their own health and fitness.

So to put it simply, the key to our success lies in our ability to expand as quickly as possibly and give people a yoga experience they will value and continue to come back to. On an individual level, you are at the forefront of this dissemination. It’s straightforward, your task is to grow your own practice and reach as many men and women as possible, making them Broga aficionados in the process. We are confident that if you follow the guidelines given in this forum you will be well on your way to accomplishing this goal.

On the corporate level, our strategy is to train as many Broga teachers as possible so that they can bring our superior system back to their own communities, just as you have. We will be in charge of overseeing the whole operation. This means developing market strategy, maintaining and refining the Broga Yoga brand, taking care of general marketing such as national publicity opportunities, and giving all of you the tools you need to meet your professional goals. But we can’t do this alone. You also have a role to play in the success of others, because although your Broga practice is your own, we are all very much invested in everyone else’s success. An important thing to keep in mind is that your success and the success of your fellow teachers in spreading Broga come hand in hand. It’s simple: the faster and more effectively we, as a team, are at spreading Broga, the more business and publicity your own individual practice will ultimately get. So, if you have any suggestions for our yoga classes or for marketing techniques that have worked for you, let us know so that we can spread the knowledge to other teachers. Also, if you know of any yoga gurus that are interested in becoming trained Broga teachers, let us know or recommend that they join us.

This is a team effort. If we all play our respective roles, we will accomplish our goals of spreading Broga to the masses.  The opportunity is there. We just need to take advantage of it!

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