The key here is to choose a location that is easily accessible to you and your clients, clean, comfortable, safe, inviting, and motivating. Important considerations are whether the space in question provides:

  • a comfortable space (both in cleanliness and size)
  • a bathroom
  • storage for mats and blocks
  • accessible parking
  • windows
  • lighting
  • reasonable rent prices

Some examples of spaces (and pros and cons to consider) found to be successful in the past are:

  • yoga studios
    • pros: built for yoga classes
    • cons: high rent costs
  • established gyms
    • pros: actual workout space, motivating, grow using gym’s established client base
    • cons: high rent costs, hard to obtain, must forge solid relationship with gym
  • community centers
    • pros: usually centrally located, big rooms available
    • cons: space not built for yoga, noise levels
  • school gymnasiums
    • pros: usually centrally located, children can play on school playground during class
    • cons: music echoing, might be too big
  • basement of a church
    • pros: quiet, peaceful, intimate setting
    • cons: space not built for yoga, religious connotations
  • private home- living room (provided enough space is available) or garage (provided humidity and temperature levels are controlled)
    • pros: easily maintained, bathroom, intimate setting
    • cons: might be small, no parking
  • police/fire stations
    • pros: usually conveniently located, can get police and firemen to participate
    • cons: might be hectic and loud
  • outside- beach, field, park
    • pros: wide open space, parking, public promotion
    • cons: no bathroom, no electricity for music, hard to hear, students might feel uncomfortable performing yoga outside, weather permitting, temperature permitting, cleanliness permitting

As you can see, there are many different options to choose from when considering where to host your Broga classes, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. As in all aspects of your business, we encourage you to think like an entrepreneur and get creative with finding a cheap, appropriate location for your practice.

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