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The World Doesn’t Revolve Around You (and that’s okay!)

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Headphones in, world out, I stood on the subway platform and stared mindlessly at the tracks. Something moved in the shadows, scurrying through the darkness.

I did a double take. What was that?


A mouse.


Of course, I was in an underground tunnel in the middle of the city. A second look over showed me that it was not alone; there were seven others in my direct view, weaving their way through the tracks. I stared in awe, looking around to see if anyone else was noticing these creatures. Blank stares and iPhone glued eyes told me that I was the only one. In the countless times I had taken the subway, I had never once realized that mice so visibly inhabited the station.

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But that’s life, isn’t it? As lovely as it seems to think that there will always be someone to catch you when you fall, it is the face-slapping truth that ultimately, you are the person most responsible for yourself. Of course you can be there and support your friends and family, but no one will care for you as much as you. The strangers on the street do not care if you’re wearing your navy or grey suit, your kids hardly notice the new way that you styled your hair. You are not the only one that stood in front of the mirror mentally debating which t-shirt will help you make the best impression at your first Broga class, but rest assured you are the only one that cared. Everyone else was just focused on their own t-shirt choice, along with their own personal awareness. I can guarantee that there is nobody who lives their life simply to make you miserable.


Just like those mice, we are usually overlooked. But this is not meant to bring you down; in fact, quite the opposite. Realizing that you are not the center of the universe can free your soul. You realize that you can be that crazy person singing and dancing to the music in their head, because no one is putting you on a pedestal. You can let go of that anger you had towards that bus driver who didn’t wait the extra 15 seconds to let you on the bus. He was just doing his job, and would likely be a great person to grab coffee with.

Everyone else is too busy getting their boots to make sure that you brought your umbrella, so get out in the rain and dance. When you realize that self-interest is just that, you’ll learn to find delight in the mice on the subway.