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Broga classes are designed to be challenging, but fun and help its students become healthier, happier, and more fit individuals. Fundamentally, Broga is a tone, a vibe, a style of presentation, an ambiance, and a specific sequence of poses that are all combined to create an optimal yoga class for men (and women). When teaching any Broga class, it is important to keep in mind that Broga classes and brand seek to promote:

1)    Optimal physical condition, comprised of four parts:

  1. Balance and stability
  2. Whole body strength
  3. Mobility and flexibility
  4. Cardio-vascular fitness (improved VO2 max)

2)    Breath Awareness and Management

  1. Calm and relax nervous system through the practice
  2. Increase energy and vitality in the body
  3. Learn to gauge oneself by paying attention to the breath and making appropriate adjustments throughout life

3)    Balanced diet and nutrition

  1. Diet should be appropriate for the individual and the individual’s goals
  2. Broga never tells people what or how to eat
  3. Moderation, variety, responsibility, awareness

4)    Positive thinking



In addition to these four main goals behind the design of a Broga class, Broga seeks to provide students with practice in developing comfortable, effective, functional range of motion, as well as:

1) Connection to the breath

2) Awareness of the whole body

3) Fluid movement into and out of simple, accessible poses and fitness exercises that, ideally, aid fluid movement into and out of activities in daily life.

4) A perfect complement to other health and fitness pursuits AND/OR a comprehensive yoga-based fitness program that improves strength, flexibility, balance, fitness, and breathing.

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