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In addition to following the Broga Brand Standards, here are a few simple but important things to keep in mind as an entrepreneur when starting and running your Broga practice:

  1. Believe in yourself and your product, and let it show! The more you love your work, the more people will come to love it too.
  2. Don’t spend needlessly. Make sure that every dollar spent adds value to your business, whether that be in improving yourself and your practice or marketing it to the community.
  3. Find new and creative ways to market your Broga practice. The same creativity you use in designing your yoga classes can and should be put to use here. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm with others.
  4. Network, network, network. Although flyers, newspaper articles, and Facebook/Twitter are helpful, the most significant marketing asset you have is you. The more people you come in contact with, the more business you will come to procure. And make sure to follow #1 in the process.
  5. Be socially responsible. Do your best to get involved in your community through philanthropy and volunteer work. Giving back is inherently built into the Broga culture, and people are more attracted to businesses that are civically minded.
  6. Plan ahead, and sketch out a step by step procedure (or a business plan) that you are going to follow to get there. If your goal is to open your own studio, write down a detailed plan of how you are going to make that happen, including your expected expenses and revenue from this investment. It might be tempting to skip the planning stage and get right to work, but creating a plan will only serve to make you more successful and more efficient at reaching these goals.
  7. Always keep detailed records of your revenue and expenses. The sometimes tedious exercise of keeping track of where your money is coming from and going is critical to your success. This will make you more aware and more efficient with how you spend your money, allowing you to find ways to save money.
  8. Be flexible, not only in your yoga classes but in adapting to the culture of your market. This means that you should be up to date on all the trends happening in men’s (and women’s) health. If you can’t deliver on those trends, we can promise you that others will. The business world moves fast, and it can be cruel. In line with this, always continue to learn, grow, and improve. Although you should be extremely proud of your successes, treat each accomplishment as a stepping stone to reach the next level.
  9. Separate yourself from the pack. Because you are a Broga instructor, you already have a leg up, but you must constantly work to maintain this competitive advantage. Exceeding expectations should be your goal each and every time you step into the studio.
  10. View each client as a person, not just a source of revenue. And, more generally, make it about the message and not about the money. Although you are undoubtedly in this to make a living, try to forget about making money and instead focus more on your belief that Broga will allow men and women to lead happier, healthier lives. If you focus on spreading Broga and creating a healthier community, we promise the money will follow.
  11. Persistence is the name of the game. Nothing will happen overnight and it may take up to 6-8 months to really get your practice off the ground and running smoothly, but with hard work, patience, and dedication, it will happen.
  12. Have fun with it! Sometimes business can be frustrating and stressful, but as we said in #1, the more you have fun and love what you do, the more your clients will come to respect and value your practice. Your attitude is contagious.

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