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Update Your Instructor Profile and Schedule


Please follow all instructions to complete the form below. Once your profile and schedule information is submitted, we’ll review it, approve, and post within a few days (at most). This new system combines your bio, headshot, class times and locations into one easy-to-use format. Now, people searching for Broga classes in your area will be able to find class locations, times, and information about you more easily.

Following these instructions will save you a lot of time and confusion. Please read them thoroughly before submitting your listing.

Listing Title – should follow this format: Broga® Yoga with [Your First Name and Last Name] – e.g. “Broga® Yoga with Robert Sidoti”. To make the ‘®’ symbol, hold ‘alt’+R or ‘option’+R. You can also copy and paste it: ®

Instructor Bio – You’ll be asked to enter your instructor bio in two locations (reason is explained below). Before submitting your instructor bio, please make sure it’s grammatically correct, doesn’t contain any misspellings, and uses proper punctuation. This will be a public-facing representation of you. We all want it to be as professional as it can be.

There are a lot of editing buttons in the first Instructor Bio field. Ignore them.

Listing Claim – If you are submitting this listing for someone else, you can check the “Allow claim” box. This will enable the other person to “claim” it and take over. In most cases, you’ll leave this box unchecked. 

Categories List – Check all categories that apply. Some categories have subcategories that should also be checked. Click the “+” button to see all subcategories. If there is a category missing, we’ll catch and fix it in the approval process. 

Listing Tags – Listing tags are another way your information can be found. Click in the field to see a list of options. Select any that are relevant to you and type in any others that you think are important. We’ll also look at this on the back end before approving and posting your submission. Just do the best you can.

Listing Media – Upload any photos you’d like (6 max) of your headshot, logos, classes, students, studio, etc. Set your headshot as your official “logo” image. If you’re including a video, make sure to hit the “Attach Video” button.

Additional Info – in the listing location box. Leave this field blank unless you have multiple locations. If you have multiple locations, use this field to enter your class schedule for each location.

How many locations? – You can add as many locations as you’d like. Just click the “Add address” button.

Make sure you hitGenerate on Google Map” after you’ve entered your address(es).

Make sure you hitSubmit new listing” when you’re done.

See you on the other side!