Welcome Broga® Yoga Instructors!

We are excited to begin offering an array of resources for our certified instructors. Check back often as we will use the BRO Portal to communicate important updates and will continually add to these resources over time.

We would first like to point out that Broga® Yoga and its instructors have a very reciprocal relationship: with your success, comes our success and vice versa. Our goals are one in the same. As Broga® Yoga instructors, you play an extremely important role in the success of the company and in our goal of spreading Broga to men (and women) around the world. You are the lifeblood of our movement, our “warriors” on the frontlines, and a symbol of the Broga spirit within each of your communities. You are part of a network that includes your fellow trainees, Broga HQ, and the studios, gyms, corporate offices, community centers, schools, police/fire stations, and private homes in which you teach Broga. With this in mind, we are working hard to provide you with the resources you’ll need to achieving your own professional goals  and for establishing a successful Broga business in your community.

Before we get into specifics, there are three simple things to keep in mind that are incredibly important, and will enable all of us to achieve rapid and continual success. We will continue to hark back on these themes throughout this guide. They are:

  • Consistency. Use the sequences you learned in the training. Use the music playlists you’ll find here in the portal. As your experience grows and you begin introducing more peeps to the mat, you’ll become more comfortable making changes in the flow and formatting of your classes. That is great. But, as we covered thoroughly in the training, Broga is a mind-set of always, “meeting your students where they are.” Your classes might grow to be large, your personal practice and interests may evolve, but please always remember that Broga® Yoga is only as good as the experience of the newest student. You want to get more men into Broga classes and keep them coming back. This means personal attention. As Steve Jobs said, you should only ever “compete on training, support, and intrinsic joy.” Deliver that intrinsic joy, and you’ll cement your success.
  • Trademark protection. This ties in with consistency, but it’s a separate issue, too. The Broga brand is seriously important and we need to work together to protect it. Bottom line: Make sure that other people aren’t calling something Broga, unless they have been trained, certified, and licensed. And, make sure that other Broga teachers aren’t using the trademark improperly. Please let us know whenever you see an “impostor” or a licensee who is going off the reservation. Don’t try to deal with it yourself. We handle this all the time and it’s in your best interest to stay out of the legal side of things. Just let us know, and we’ll address it promptly, while keeping you out of it.
  • Professional Reputation. We want Broga teachers to be recognized as highly skilled, highly trained, highly charismatic, great people to work with. Please remember that your interactions with everyone, whether you’re teaching them Broga or not, reflects on Broga. Take your reputation seriously, stay committed, and change some lives!

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