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We are working diligently to develop single and weekend workshop packages covering a variety of topics and practices. We love to travel and share the benefits of yoga! Check out the options below and our Events page to see upcoming offerings.

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“Find strength through movement; inspire change by challenging the norm.”

Life constantly demands change and movement. Change requires strength and motivation. Connecting to these things can feel stressful, uncomfortable, and sometimes overwhelming. In this workshop, we will explore ways to connect to an inherent strength through movement, and inspire change through challenging the norm. This practice will incorporate simplified, functional movement, breath awareness, and relaxation to bring the practitioner increased flexibility, mobility, and strength while releasing stress and tension. During this special extended session we will focus on what Robert loves to teach–incorporating a strong and accessible workout while including elements of a Broga Class, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin & Restorative Poses. Mind, Body and Spirit will be moved, strengthened and inspired leaving you feeling a heightened sense of awareness of inner vitality. **This can be adapted to fit a 90 minute or 2-3 hour format.
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Old School Meets New School: Sun Salutation Workshop

“Bring this fresh take on an old classic back to your students.”

Traditionally Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, has been a system of movements which align the breath, body, and mind while honoring the powerful energy the sun provides as a preparation for what lies ahead. This 4-hour workshop with Robert Sidoti is valuable for the beginner and experienced yogi alike. While exploring the traditional elements and benefits, unique insights into postures, musicality and language as well as modifications will be provided. The Broga® vibe will be infused to increase the strength-building and cardiovascular elements. This fun, energetic workshop will equip you with the skills to practice and teach traditional Sun Salutations, meeting the modern-day students’ desire for the mindful challenge and variety in their practice.
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Intro to Broga® Yoga

“Introduce this game-changing method with the Creator and Co-Founder, Robert Sidoti.”

Broga® Yoga is a unique yoga-based fitness program developed to make yoga more appealing, accessible, and rewarding to anyone, but especially men. This workshop will teach you how Broga® Yoga combines traditional yoga postures, functional fitness movements, and HIIT for a strong, energetic, and challenging mind-body workout. Additionally, we will address common flexibility and mobility limitations through attainable postures and movements linked to the breath; giving the brand-new beginner and advanced practitioner/teacher the workout they crave and the relaxation they need. This option is great to support the launch of a Broga® program at your location and could serve as a bridge between the yoga and fitness-minded clientele. 90 minutes
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Broga® Chill (Slow Flow & Yin)

“Learn to slow down and release tension in a low-pressure, accessible way.”

An excellent companion to a traditional Broga® class, CHILL takes a distinctively mellow approach to sun salutation-inspired flows and accessible postures geared towards releasing tension in key areas of the body to improve mobility. Allowing time to ease into and explore the postures, this low-pressure class is designed to bring enjoyment to the act of stretching to students of any level while sharing valuable tools for using the breath, mindfulness, and simple meditation both on and off the mat. 90 min or 2 hour format.

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Broga® for Athletes

“Learn how yoga can help improve athletic performance.”

An incredible weekend intensive suitable for the Yoga novice or experienced teacher. Robert will teach the basics of postures targeted towards athletes’ needs while offering tips for cuing, modifying and adjusting for all levels. Yoga postures can even out muscle imbalances resulting from position-specific repetitive motion found in all sports. The weekend will provide tools to improve performance, stamina and endurance while reducing injury. Robert, at 45, is an example of how attention to breath work and positive psychology can keep athletes on the playing field longer. Divided into two 4 Hour Sessions over the course of a weekend, this specialized session will benefit Yoga Teachers, Players, Physical Education Teachers & Coaches. 90min, 2hr, 3hr, 8hr (2day) formats.
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Broga® Lifestyle: Optimal Living

“Powerful tools for living a fulfilling life both on and off the mat.” 

Go “Behind the Scenes” with Robert Sidoti, creator and co-founder of Broga® as he shares how yoga and Buddhist practices have impacted his life. He will also share nutrition tips and recipes he’s found helpful for improving and maintaining his health and sense of vitality. Learn about other forms of exercise and movement that compliment his strong yoga practice. Explore Yoga Philosophy helpful in identifying limiting patterns and improving communication with others. In this session of discussion, movement and experience learn applicable skills to improve daily life through increased energy, sexual vitality, physical appearance and attitude. 90 min, 2 hour, 3 hour formats.
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Grounded Flight: A Balance & Inversion Workshop

“Every BODY can defy gravity.”

Balance is a word we hear everywhere. We all strive for balance in our lives, and sometimes we literally need to turn our perspective upside down. In order to achieve balance, one must have a laser focus and active effort to maintain stability. Have you ever fallen out of Crow Pose? Headstand or handstand elude you? In this workshop, students will warm up to open the body, focus the mind, and connect to the breath. Working through various stages of preparation, key elements and benefits of featured balance or inversion postures will be workshopped. This ensures each student gains the awareness needed when working towards a particular posture, and offers freedom to stop at any stage of progression to explore. Options will be given to accommodate a wide range of experience in this accessible, challenging, and fun workshop. 90 min, 2 hour, and 3 hour formats.
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About the Instructor: 

Robert Sidoti began his career as a personal trainer on the west coast before discovering his passion for Yoga. Robert has received certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, ’Yoga for Athletic Peak Performance’ with Swami Sitaramananda at the Sivananda Vendanta Centre, Karma Kids NYC, and 200hr RYT with Kira Ryder, founder of Lulubandhas and the Ojai Yoga Crib.

Combining elements of functional fitness with an awareness of the male perspective he created Broga®, an internationally recognized and practiced brand of Yoga with classes enjoyed by both men and women. He has been featured in Time Magazine, People Magazine, Men’s Health, Wall Street Journal and several other media appearances and mentions. With his personality, commitment to promoting men’s health, and deep love of yoga, Robert’s Broga® class is energetic, fun, challenging, and mildly addictive. He is a passionate, innovative and skilled teacher.