The goal here is to provide quality props to our clients at cost effective prices. In order to save the most on Yoga props, we recommend that you buy in bulk in order to take advantage of deflated prices on bulk orders. Many of the most cost efficient props can be found at, and below are a list of specific props we recommend using in your classes.


There are several cost effective ways in which to provide quality mats to your clients. We recommend that you buy a Yoga Mat Roll and cut your own mats from that. We have found the cheapest online stores for mat rolls to be YogaDirect or YogaAccessories. In order to cut the rolls into individual mats, simply measure 6 feet of mat on both ends, draw a straight line across, and cut along the line (using a high quality scissor or a yoga mat cutter which you can purchase here for $16.99). Using this method, each mat roll will provide about 17 mats with each individual mat costing only $7.29 (compared to the alternative of buying individual mats at $9.99/mat in bulk quantities at YogaAccessories). Also note that Pinnacle Promotions and 4Imprint have customizable yoga/fitness mats available for purchase as well; however, these are obviously more expensive than the options mentioned above.


As you already know there are two types of yoga blocks, foam and cork. Even though they are more expensive and since Broga is mostly targeting men, we recommend that you purchase cork blocks which are sturdier and can better handle a man’s weight. You can find the cheapest cork blocks at YogaAccessories.You may also want to have foam blocks on hand as well which you can find here.


The most effective yoga straps can also be found at YogaAccessories in 6′, 8′, and 10′ for $5.99, $5.99 and $6.49, respectively.


NOTE: We also highly recommend that you provide a bowl of fresh organic apples for students to take as they exit your Broga class. It creates a very positive association in the minds of students who have a great class then leave munching on a fresh, sweet, crunchy apple. The secondary benefit is that it often creates an opportunity for students to stand around and chat for a few minutes after class, which is great for fostering the sense of community that emerges in Broga classes. It’s a simple amenity, but one that sets us apart and demonstrates just how much we care about out clients.

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